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One Controller, Three Solutions

The MAP1 Modular Access Panel is totally self-contained and puts support for 4 doors and 100,000 users in the palm of your hand.

There are many benefits to using the same MAP1 building block for First Access® Cloud, First Access® or Webster. One of the biggest is that users can easily move between solutions as their needs change. If you start with a small Webster system and outgrow it, you can easily migrate to First Access® Cloud or First access®. If you no longer require the capacity or functionality of a First Access® Cloud or First Access® solution, you can easily downgrade to Webster. No other access control manufacturer can offer this kind of future proofing.

The MAP1 reader capacity can be field upgraded from 2 to 4 doors by simply purchasing a new provisioning code. You only pay for what you need!


5 Year Warranty

Cansec offers an industry leading 5 Year Warranty for ALL Cansec manufactured products. Click HERE for details.


Oops Warranty

If you make an honest mistake and damage a Cansec manufactured product during installation, we will replace it for free. Click HERE for details.


Hardware - Made in Canada

We are a Canadian access control manufacturer. All access control boards are made in Canada.

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