Manage your system anywhere, anytime

The Cansec MSM APP offers the unique ability to connect to and manage both Cansec browser-based (Webster) and On-Premises/Client-Server (First Access Advanced) access control systems. This functionality offers the opportunity to provide  APP-based control without ongoing monthly or yearly fees.

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Try the MSM App

1. Download MSM
2. AppKey: F6B54B0F75A6CD4059
3. User Name: demo
    Password: demo

MSM App Demonstration video

Features include:

  • No recurring monthly or yearly fees required for remote connectivity and control from virtually any mobile device, including tablets and smart phones.
  • Add/Delete Users (Cardholders)
  • Remote Control of Readers (Doors)
  • Input/Output Control (Available in First Access® Advanced On Premises and First Access® Cloud Only).
  • Webster - the MSM APP houses the URL/IP Addresses of the sites for easy recall and login to the system for full control.

Ordering and Setup


For Webster, no additional software modules are required for use with the MSM APP.  Simply configure the network to allow remote access, download the MSM APP, and enter IP address/URL into the app, and you are up and running.

First Access

For First Access, following are the required software modules/keys:

  • First Access® Advanced On Premises (CA-FAADV)
  • First Access® Cloud API Key (CA-FAAREST)

After installing First Access® Advanced, enter the First Access® Connect API Key in the First Access® software. Next, download the MSM APP, and enter the identical First Access® Connect API Key into the MSM APP.
Connection to the On Premises First Access® Advanced server(s) is via Cansec’s Cloud Connect Server allowing secure access without any network or firewall configuration... or subscription fees!

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