First Access Cloud Systems

First Access Cloud is a subscription-based access control solution which offers the benefits of a feature-rich access control system, plus the simplicity and reliability of cloud-based technology.
No more... servers, IP configuration, manual backup, firewall compromises. Managed via browser from anywhere. Free iOS and Android app..

First Access Cloud

Our most advanced product is also our simplest and easiest to use, thanks to the latest in cloud-based technology.
If you’ve never thought about working in the Cloud, now’s the time to discover the benefits of moving to a cloud-based access control system. 
What is the Cloud, exactly?
The Cloud refers to software and data that you and your customers can access remotely through the internet, instead of locally on a computer. There’s only one instance of the software on a cloud server and the latest version is immediately available to all customers as soon as it’s released. Because remote servers handle the computing and storage, there’s no server or client software to buy, install or maintain, and customers can manage their system from anywhere they have internet access. Customers pay only for the resources they use via a monthly subscription fee.
First Access Cloud: When the Cloud meets access control
First Access Cloud offers the combined benefits of a cloud-based access control software solution, and those of our MAP (MAP1, MAPMINI and MAP2) controllers. The MAP1 is a perfect complement to First Access Cloud as it can be provisioned for 2 or 4 doors, which builds on the concept of only paying for what you need. You can start with 2 doors and upgrade to 4 doors by simply purchasing a new provisioning code. For ease of deployment, the MAP1 has an onboard RJ45 network connection and is equipped with 27 status LEDs to facilitate commissioning and support.
FA Cloud Config


How can First Access Cloud make your life easier?
Being a First Access Cloud Partner means you get to enjoy a number of benefits:
  • Manage systems from anywhere. you can manage your system from anywhere you have internet access with the either the First Access Cloud Client on a PC or the Cansec MSM APP on your smartphone!
  • Systems are always current. Many of your customers running traditional client-server software are probably not running the latest version of the software. With First Access Cloud you’re always using the latest version: updates are applied to all systems as soon as they’re released.
  • Customer data is safer and more secure. You’re probably not a fan of constantly backing up system data and being at the mercy of a temperamental server. Neither are your customers. First Access Cloud is hosted on on Microsoft® Azure cloud servers, which means data transfer is fast and secure, while system backups are automatic.
  • No more complex configuration. Forget about asking IT for help with things like IP address configuration during a system setup. Start using self-configuring MAP (MAP1and MAP2) control panels that connect automatically without any configuration. Simply add the controller’s MAC address into your First Access Cloud environment and the controller will be online within seconds.
  • Your revenue grows as your systems grow. When your First Access Cloud subscribers grow their systems, your recurring revenue grows, whether the add-on readers were installed by you or another First Access Cloud Partner.
Your customers will thank you, too
You’re not the only one who benefits: First Access Cloud offers just as many advantages to your customers. Some of these include:
  • No server hardware required
  • No extra IT personnel costs, initially or ongoing
  • No up-front software costs
  • Customers can manage their system from anywhere, even their smartphone
  • First Access Cloud software is constantly updated automatically
  • System data is automatically backed up on a regular basis
  • Subscription based – customers pay only for what they use
  • 100,000 cardholder capacity and 1024 readers

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Part Numbers: 

MAP1 First Access Cloud Configurations:
CA-MAP12HFC (2-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP14HFC (4-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP12U4HF(2-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 4-Door)
MAPMINI First Access Cloud Configurations:
CA-MAPM1HFC (1-Door Configuration) 
MAP2 First Access Cloud Configurations:
CA-MAP22HFC (2-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP24HFC (4-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP26HFC (5-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP28HFC (8-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP22U4HF(2-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 4-Door)
CA-MAP24U6HF(4-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 6-Door)

CA-MAP26U8HF(6-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 8-Door)

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