MAP Controllers

The MAP (MAP1, MAPMINI and MAP2) controllers can be set to work with First Access Cloud, First Access On-Premises, or Webster 64 solutions. Only one mode can be run at a time. One of the biggest is that users can easily move between solutions as their needs change.

The MAPMINI Modular Access Panel is totally self-contained and puts support for 1 door and 100,000 users in the palm of your hand.

There are many benefits to using the same MAPMINI building block for First Access® Cloud, First Access® On-Premises, or Webster 64. One of the biggest is that users can easily move between solutions as their needs change. If you start with a Webster 64 system and outgrow it, you can easily migrate to First Access® Cloud or First access® On-Premises. If you no longer require the capacity or functionality of a First Access® Cloud or First Access® On-Premises solution, you can easily downgrade to Webster 64. No other access control manufacturer can offer this kind of future-proofing.


MAPMINI 3Solutions


Doors 1
Onboard Network TCP/IP Yes
Self-contained Yes
Audit Buffer (transactions) 10,000
Binary Wiegand Support up to 64 bits
Facility Codes (FC) Unlimited
Card Capacity 100,000 with FA, 5,000 with W64
Multiple Credentials Per User Yes - 5 (FA and FA Cloud only)
Binary Wiegand Support ANY format up to 64 bits
37-bit Cansec Support Yes
26-bit Support Yes
Corporate 1000 - 35/48-bit Yes
Onboard Auto Void/Validate Yes
Schedule Time Resolution 1 min
Access Schedules 256
Unlock Schedules 1
Output Schedules 2 (If provisioned as I/O board)
Shunt Schedules 2 (If provisioned as I/O board)
Manual Shunt Yes (If provisioned as I/O board)
Scheduled Commands Yes
Low/High 12V DC Power Warning Yes


*NOTE: Not all features and capacities are supported on all solutions.

Typical Configuration

MAPMINI Configuration


Dimensions 4.6” (W) x 3.35” (H) x 1.4” (D) [11.6 cm (W) x 8.5 cm (H) x 3.5 cm D)]
183 g [6.5 oz]
Operating Temperature 
0˚C to 60˚C  [32˚F to 140˚F]
Power Requirement
12 VDC / 1 A  [Max. Current (including a proximity readers with 100 mA)]
Warranty 5 years

Part Numbers:

CA-MAPM1HW64 (Webster 64)
CA-MAPM1HF (First Access®)

CA-MAPM1HFC (First Access® Cloud)

CA-KPR1HF (First Access)
CA-KPR1HFC (First Access Cloud)

CA-KPR1HW64 (Webster 64)